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NYCC, ETC [Oct. 12th, 2011|12:49 pm]
The New York Comic Con is this weekend! It's starting on Thursday and runs four days, which I think is Frankly Ridiculous. I'll be in the Webcomics Pavilion area of the floor, in the vicinity of Kel, Becky, Frank, Yuko, Ananth, and Magnolia. We would all love to see YOU! This is my last show until my whirlwind tour of the west coast next Spring... And I hope it isn't too optimistic of me to hope to have the one volume Order of Tales book printed by then.

Some few indulgent landscapes going on in this and future Vattu pages. We are Getting Somewhere with this story; Vattu might even be on the verge of finally arriving somewhere important...

ALSO I got interviewed recently.